All 139 the Clash Songs, Ranked From Worst to Best Death or Glory? most of it … at the Disco songs ranked from worst to best. Every James Bond Movie Ranked—From Worst to Best By Brett Walther, Updated: Sep. 25, 2020 The James Bond franchise now spans 24 movies, six leading actors, and more than five decades of filmmaking. 10 Best and Worst Songs About Death: With appearances from My Chemical Romance, Queen, The Killers, Pink Floyd, P Diddy, Paul McCartney, Nick Cave, Eric Clapton, Elton John and Art Garfunkel. 4. tptb (jenny death just wasn't cohesive enough - all the songs on jenny death were good but they didn't go together well. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. (PREFACE: As a rule, I’m keeping the songs “PG” because pretty much any song that’s “PG-13″ish and/or “R” could make this list) One. But the greatest music about death ever written, hands down, comes from the classical genre. vulture lists Oct. 11, 2017. Here’s a list of songs that might cause laughter or disdain at a funeral if they accidently got some play time. All 82 Panic! (Image credit: Death) With Scream Bloody Gore having set a new standard in extremity, 1988’s sophomore release Leprosy would end up being the final nail in Death’s thrash-tinged coffin.. whammy and bass rattles in particular didn't really grab me.) 5. nldw (some songs feel like filler to me. By Bill Wyman. ... but one of the best Adele songs in a catalog crowded with great songs. “Staying Alive.” Harry's main adversary at Hogwarts is the weakest death eater on this list and it's not hard to see why. Here's our ranking, from worst to best, of all the James Bond theme songs. All 51 Rage Against the Machine songs ranked from worst to best CLEVELAND, Ohio -- If you haven’t bumped some Rage Against the Machine in … While a capable wizard, Draco's heart clearly wasn't committed to being a dark wizard, as was evident during several moments where he had emotional breakdowns throughout The Half-Blood Prince. If any song can pump life into a dying party, it’s this one about death. the mastering/mixing on some tracks sucked. It always bothers me how some of the best music about death is nearly always is overlooked. On the pop music side, Elton John’s Where to Now St. Peter and Stevie Wonder’s They Won’t Go When I Go stand out.